Saturday 6th october – erg

Made the decision not do the half marathon tomorrow. Gutted, but I think it the right thing to do

Did a HM row instead

21097m 1:29:25.7 (2:07.1) r24

4300m 18:15.5 (2:07.3) r24
8600m 18:15.2 (2:07.3) r24
12900m 18:14.8 (2:07.3) r24
17200m 18:13.5 (2:07.1) r24
21097m 16:26.7 (2:06.5) r24

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2 Responses to Saturday 6th october – erg

  1. raisingmygame says:

    Hot bad conditions and you still go sun 1:30


  2. Sub I think – but it was sunny too!
    I think I got some strange looks as I’m dripping everywhere and still on the erg 90 minutes later

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