13th-16th Jan – Some tired training

Hard couple of weeks training and shattered now!
This week has been a tough one mentally to keep going.

Easier session 10′ at 80%HR, 10’at 75%HR and 40′ 65% at r18

10:00 2408m (2:04.5) r18
10:00 2330m (2:08.7) r18
40:00 8782m (2:16.6) r18

2k TT. Knew this was not going to be close to a PB -physically and mentally tired, had to do this afterwork (lots of squats going on today!), but enough excuses!
Started out hoping to cruise at 1:48s. Was struggling to keep at the 1:49s to start with and when couple of 1:50s started creeping in at around 500m I was very tempted to handle down. But managed to overcome the HD demons and kept it steady. Came in at a slightly disappointing 7:13.8

2k 7:13.9 (1:48.4) r35
250m 1:49.0
500m 1:49.2
750m 1:49.2
1000m 1:49.0
1250m 1:49.0
1500m 1:48.6
1750m 1:48.0
2000m 1:45.6

10k r22-24 at 75% HR. Struggled to keep HR down and stroke rate up this morning. Seemed to settle nicely at r21

10k 44:22.3 (2:13.1) r21

Down to do a 6k TT but it was more a case of treating it as a training piece and getting through it.

6k 23:15.98 (1:56.3) r28
1k 1:56.6
2k 1:56.7
3k 1:56.7
4k 1:56.6
5k 1:56.4
6k 1:54.8

Looking forward to some recovery next week 🙂

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