Over the years I’ve dabbled in a few sports; rowing, running, crossfit

At school I did no sport, and was written off by the games teachers in the first week as I hated netball and therefore could do no sport.

In 2003 I thought I really ought to attempt to be a bit fitter and so decided to do the Great North Run. I surprised myself by getting round and actually enjoying it. After years of being told I was useless at sport it came as a bit of a shock. So I started doing more running. Unfortunately a knee injury stopped me running in 2005. So I eventually took up rowing, and again to my surprise found I was actually quite good at it.

In 2007, I started studying for a PhD at Durham university, so thought I’d take the opportunity of training with the university squad. I managed to make the 1st VIII for Women’s head of the River Race and we came 3rd overall winning the Senior 2 pennant.

I also discovered the joy of the concept 2 erg and started competing at indoor rowing events, including the Crash-Bs in 2011 and 2012.

All the rowing helped sort out my knee and in June 2011 I decided to start running again, but as I am rather accident prone, injuries often got in the way. In Dec 2011, I discovered cross fit and started doing more lifting and found I enjoyed the strength work.

While I’ve tried other sports I always end up back on the erg. I’m now concentrating on building strength and getting faster on the C2.


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